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Cologic Ltd offers tax planning strategies, trust and business solutions relevant to today’s discerning, successful
business owner.
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Cologic Ltd is one of only a few independent distributors of tax, trust and business solutions designed to help successful companies and individuals manage and retain their profits, income and wealth, by keeping tax leakage to a minimum.

The majority of our clients are introduced to us by their professional advisers, mainly accountants, financial planners and IFAs, who prefer to outsource tax and trust planning to an independent third party, whose business specialises in this type of work. Our personal and added value service enables professional advisers and their clients to benefit from a whole range of tailored advice and solutions from the complex market of tax planning. We seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients, whilst remaining firmly within the boundaries of current
tax legislation.

In addition to our tax planning services, we offer business estate planning tailor made to suit you and your business. This planning provides significant protection to the business and reduces the possible impact of Inheritance Tax dramatically. Furthermore the business, together with proceeds from a future sale of the business, are protected for the bloodline from the five key threats: Remarriage, Inheritance Tax, Divorce, Bankruptcy and Long Term Care Fees.

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